07.01.21 – Get It Right

Journal entry by Vicki Bunke 

More than a few months ago, I shared that myself, Caroline, and Dr. Wasilewski were asked to participate in interview sessions in which we would share our testimonials regarding Grace and our different life experiences as her loved ones. Knowing how difficult it is for Caroline to speak publicly about her special relationship and love for Grace, I spent a great deal of time praying that Caroline would be able to speak about Grace without being overwhelmed by emotions. But I also prayed for myself. I prayed that I might share the right memories, the right stories (there are so many), and the right words that somebody else needed to hear.

I prayed that I would get it right.

Since learning that I was going to become a mom, I always had this part of me that just wanted to get it right. It was the one role in life that seemed the most important for me to actually get right. Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to be a good daughter, sister, cousin, classmate, student, friend, teammate, neighbor, and of course, wife. But when I knew I was going to be a mom, I prayed and hoped that I would get it right.

Let me be clear, I didn’t want to be a perfect mom who recycled the popsicle sticks into finger puppets to entertain my children with stories about fairies and princesses or knew exactly what each cry meant or how to magically heal skinned knees or make the perfect snack or delicious meals. No, I knew I would get angry, frustrated or even anxious over the little things my children did. However, I hoped I would know what my children needed and never get that part wrong.

I prayed that I would get it right.

There were so many times during Grace’s cancer treatment and subsequent death that I felt ill equipped to support Grace and Caroline. So many times in which I feared I would say or do the wrong thing during all of our very difficult conversations.

I prayed that I would get it right.

Until the day that I realized that they were my children, and I was their mom, for a reason. I was meant to be their mom, nobody else. God entrusted me to represent His love in my relationship with His children. And guess what? He wasn’t about to let me screw it up. It was far too important. 

I would get it right.

With that in mind, I am so excited that I can now share with you what I was hoping to get right a few months ago. The interviews in which we were involved that I mentioned earlier will be a part of “WaveMakers”, a docu-series from Swim Across America. It will premiere July 8th on Discovery Life. “WaveMakers” will share the stories that have inspired the hope and movement of Swim Across America. Original music for “WaveMakers” is from Grammy Winner John Driskell Hopkins of the Zac Brown Band. Watch. Set your DVR. Share with your friends. Tune in on July 8th – learn more at wavemakerstv.

I think you will be inspired.

God’s plans for your life far exceeds the circumstances of your day. (Louis Giglio)

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